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Mould analysis services London.

A mould analysis survey finds the presence of mould and fungal development in the environment, on surfaces, and inside the materials of your home.

Long term mould growth and fungal spore activity could potentially cause material decay and staining. Mould analysis is an essential step in quality control following post water damage restoration works, particularly following instances “sewage/ waste /Category B or higher” water loss. Increased or extended exposure are linked to a number of harmful side effects to your well being.

The primary reason for mould is excess moisture, either from condensation or damp. Mould feeds off of this kind of moisture, so it doesn’t matter how many times you paint over it, if you don’t deal with the underlying problems, it’s going to carry on coming back.

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Mould Analysis Services

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  • Thermal imaging camera surveys.
  • Tracer gas surveys.
  • Ground microphones.
  • Moisture meter surveys.
  • Borescope camera surveys.
  • Salts analysis and tracer dye tests.
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